Pregnancy is for more than 10 months- quips Katy Perry while awaiting the birth of her child

Fans of Katy Perry, 35, are waiting eagerly for her child to be born. But it seems that the singer is also eager and impatient to give birth. On August 22, the singer tweeted, “petition: to have all movies/TV shows etc-update the fact that it’s 10+ months instead of 9 months pregnant,” adding an eye roll emoji with the tweet. Technically, pregnancy is stated to be of 9 months is since each month has a different number of days, and between the 9th and 10th is the most common time for women to give birth.

Pregnant katy perry in pink popchaser
Pregnant Katy Perry in pink

 Katy Perry, along with fiancé Orlando Bloom, 43, is eager to welcome her firstborn. She even flaunted her beautiful nursery. Katy offered to KatyCats, her fans a view on August 16 via her weekly Smile Sunday. 

She admitted that she “hadn’t shown anyone yet,” and was elated to show her fans the fest look. The room perfectly reflects her, with pink walls indicating her whimsical style and hexagon-shaped mirrors on the walls, an eccentric detail that she loves.

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Katy Perry also showed many different outfits visible on the walls, and also showed a few items she purchased for the baby. It included an entertaining sleeper showing Orlando’s face, an Eggo Waffle, and an onesie with a cherry motif. The room also had a cosy grey chair for Katy for cuddling with her daughter, a white crib, and a fully stocked room for changing diapers.

However, the star does appear to be exhausted in some of her recent Instagram posts. On August 6, the smiling star took a rest while shopping for supplies for the baby, wearing cosy grey leggings, sweatshirt and slides. Katy Perry captioned her post, “Poopedstar”, in which she appeared to be asleep in the centre of the sales area. “I love you,”, Orlando lovingly replied, and later filmed Katy getting her groove on. 

Katy Perry Shows Off Baby Bump and Shirtless Fiancé Orlando Bloom in Livestream

He captioned a video of her sleeping with, “Ayyyy what day is it?” Katy hopped out the car and did the famous “Friday “dance and revealed her pregnant belly by lifting her sweatshirt.

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