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The ballots of President Trump and First Lady Melania returned in Florida

In the Tuesday’s congressial primary, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump voted after assigning someone to take and deliver their ballot in Palm Beach, reported an official familiar with the issue to CNN.

Although Palm Beach country Supervisor of Elections’ website still doesn’t show that the ballots as counted and returned, officials report that ballots have been sent back on Monday.

Florida’s law permits voters to sign an affidavit allowing another person to pick up and deliver their ballots.

The signed affidavits and votes of Trumps were acquired last week. Although this was done after the deadline for mail-in ballots had passed, there are rules that allow in-person picking up of ballots after the deadline or to send in approved people to pick the allots up.

Florida “Vote By Mail” Ballots Sent To President Trump, First Lady Melania

Alejandro Garcia, a member of the Republican Party in Florida, was appointed as the person responsible for the ballots of President and First Lady. She was also accountable for their vote during the election of Florida’s presidential primary in March.

Although the President has time and time again blamed universal mail-in voting as abundant with fraud, there are no existing claims of this. Though, there are some rare incidents of this; it is not a common problem in the election system of the States.

The most recent case of fraud is from the midterm elections in a race in 2018. In this, a North Carolina GOP activist was incriminated of multiple offences with arguable absentee ballot activity. It was in the place of a candidate of the Republican in a congressional race.

The states employ measures to obstruct theft, voter fraud and forgery due to which the fraud in the mail-in fraud is extremely rare. These rules are applied for voters who have an absentee ballot and mail-in ballot.

The experts are also baffled by the President’s perception of absentee voting and mail-in voting, as they report that the systems are fundamentally the same.

Trump, along with many of his aides; have used both these systems in the previous instances.

During the March’s primary, Trump could’ve easily voted physically in the voting site in Palm Beach. He was staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort in March.

Trump instead chose to employ the mail-in ballot facility, even when he drove past and early opens voting spot no less than six times on the way to the golf course in March.


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